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8x2 PU Solid Wheelchair Caster Wheels

8x2 PU Solid Wheelchair Caster Wheels

Rim Material:polyamide
Load Capacity: 35-40kg
Usage:wheelchair caster wheels

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Product Details

8x2 PU Solid Wheelchair Caster Wheels

1. Product Introduction

Polyurethane  Tire, made of micro cellular elastomer material,has good resilience.Its micro porous  inner wall structure  has the effect of shock absorption, sound-absorbing,making users feel comfortable while in use. Picture 1(left) is the observation effect for the product section under 400 ~ 500 x magnification microscope .With its outstanding performance in noise reduction,the polyurethane tire is used as super silent tires.

the structure of Polyurethane Tires


2. Product Parameter(Specification)of 8x2 PU Solid Wheelchair Caster Wheels

1 Wheels' Structure.jpg

Product Name

8x2 PU Solid Wheelchair Caster Wheelse




Front Wheel

Tire Material


Rim Material




Tire hardness(HA)


Wheel OD(mm)(B)


PU Tire Weight(g)


Tire Width(mm)(A)


Wheel Weight(g)


Axle Size(mm)


Hub Width(mm)(E)



3. Polyurethan Tire’s Production Process And Size Range

production Flow


Our PU solid tires sizes are as followes:

5X1, 6X1, 6x1.5, 6x2, 7X1.5, 7X2, 7X1.5, 8X2,8x2.5, 9x3,10X3, 12 1/2X2 1/4, 14x2.125, 20x1.5, 24x1.25, 24x1.5, 24 1 3/8 etc.


4. Polyurethane Tire's Production Technology: SPIN-Cast Molding

The process of spin-cast molding is used to insert foam fill into tires. This process helps create a dense, firm tread area while keeping the sidewall area flexible. The distribution of the foam fill is even and accurate ensuring excellent shock absorption. This helps provide the user with a smooth ride, every time.

3 Solid Tires' SPIN-Cast Molding Machine.jpg


5. 8x2 PU Solid Wheelchair Caster Wheel's Tests

In our factory,we perform the following tests to ensure that all our products operate at good performance during their long service life:

Rolling Drum Test

Tension/Compression Force Analysis

Side Impact

Drop Testing

Static Load

Circle Track

Coefficient of Friction


Noise Test

Bump Test


4 wheelchair wheels's Test.JPG

6. Certificates of Our Solid Tires

ROHS 2.0, REACH, PAHS, EN14372:2004, TUVRheinland

Solid Tire Test Report

7.Our service:

Enjoy Our One-stop Service

We can provide each customer with purchasing, logistics, producing, quality control, documentations and product warranty.


OEM/ODM Capability

We have capability to design and produce a wide range of new models according to customers' requirements. But some models have to be asked for moulds charge.


Quality Items with Warranty

Almost of our models, we can provide one year warranty, and spare parts.


8.Packaging and Delivery 

solid wheel manufactuer



Q1.What is the normal delivery of the order?

---Our normal delivery for one order is 20-25 days.

Q2. How is the warranty period for your products?

---The usual warranty period for our items is 1 year.

Q3.Can you accept the small order as start?

--- Yes, we also operation the combined container for our clients, and besides, we manage to offer the combined container service from clients’other supplier.

Q4.What is the payment term that you can accept?

---We normally do L/C,T/T,PAYPAL,ESCROW, and D/P

Q5.Do you make the OEM ordering?

---Yes, we are very experienced in making the OEM ordering.

Q6.What is your advantage compared with other vendors?

---We are the manufacturer with more than 15 years of experience in the polyurethane field. We can custom wheels as per ur requirement.

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