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Wheel Origin
- Aug 09, 2018 -

Wheels are often regarded as the oldest and most important invention of mankind, so that we often compare it to the use of fire. In fact, the history of human taming fires has exceeded 1.5 million years, and the use of wheels has only been six thousand years.

It is impossible for humans to own wheeled vehicles before mastering sharp and sturdy tools. It is difficult to machine wood into a suitable cylindrical shape with a stone tool, not to mention the complexity of the spoke-shaped wheel. Therefore, the emergence of the wheel can only be after the Bronze Age.

The famous American anthropologist Robert Luway once asserted that all the people who use the wheeled car are directly and indirectly learned from the Babylonian. The American Indians knew that they were towing the boat on the rolling wood, and they also used the spinning wheel and the hoop. But the meaning of the wheel was never thought of.

Lu Wei’s view of the origin of the wheel is also the view of most archaeologists, but new archaeological discoveries often subvert old theories. The ruts under the Flintbek megalithic tomb in Germany were left between 4800 and 4700 BC. The tank-shaped cans found in Bronocice, Poland, were positioned before 4725 BC, but the seven carbon-14 dating of the formation favored the conclusion of 4610-4440 BC. The earliest evidence of wheeled transport in the Near East was discovered by the American archaeologist Baldia at the late Uruk site in Syria. A model with wheels and a mural of "trucks" were unearthed there. These things were left by the ancestors 6400-6500 years ago.

Therefore, wheeled vehicles are likely to appear in Europe, and then spread to the Near East, or invented by the Orientals.