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Wheel Meaning
- Aug 09, 2018 -

Any simple and far-reaching invention does not appear in people's minds out of thin air, and there must be something that triggers inspiration. Just as the ancients saw the wood floating in the water and thought of a canoe, the invention of the wheel may have been inspired by some natural objects. "Huainanzi" said that our ancestors "see the Fei Peng turn and know the car." "Fei Peng" is a kind of grass with high stems, large leaves and shallow roots. When there is a strong wind, it is easy to be uprooted and rotate with the wind. The ancients may have been inspired by this phenomenon to invent the wheel and axle. Like the legend that Luban was inspired by sawtooth and invented the saw, this statement is probably also a legend. Because the wheel is prototyped in nature.

The primitive people used to worship the sun and the moon in the sky. The ancients must think that they have the most perfect shape - until the ancient Greek era, the philosopher Plato also believed that the sphere is the most perfect form. Perhaps the Neolithic ancestors naturally mimicked the shape of the sun and the moon when making utensils. When they stumbled upon the resulting disc-like objects that could remain in shape during rotation, they were interested in further discovering its use.

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