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What pay attention to when changing tires?
- Jan 21, 2019 -
9 Inch Solid Tires for Sweepers.jpgThere are two main types of tires commonly used: low pressure tires and vacuum tires. Low-pressure tires contain inner tubes, which are mostly used in ordinary cars and motorcycles; vacuum tires have no inner tubes, and tires also function as inner tubes, which are mostly used in cars and light-duty vehicles. The maximum speed of modern cars is generally more than 150 kilometers. The faster the vehicle speed or the higher the load, the greater the deformation of the tire. The greater the deformation, the higher the temperature generated by the friction on the ground. The surface temperature of the tire can sometimes reach when the car is running at high speed. Above 100 °C, it has a great impact on the performance of the tire, which is directly related to the safety of the car. Therefore, the car tire has a safe speed code and a maximum load code. Different types of tires use different glues and are subject to high temperature and load. The ability will vary, so pay attention to these parameters when changing tires.

When replacing tires, remember that the same type of car, different models, and tires with different carcass structures can not be mixed in the same car. The tires on the same shaft should be prevented from being mixed. If you want to replace one tire, the other side should be replaced at the same time. The choice of tires is closely related to the performance of the vehicle. Some people use the wide tires to replace the original tires for safety. However, if the engine and the weight of the vehicle are the same, changing the oversized tires will make the tires have insufficient grip. On wet roads. It is possible to slip on the road and it is not safe. For cars running highways, you should pay more attention to the tires. Always check the tires for damage. The air pressure is up to standard. Because the car runs at high speed on the road, once the tire bursts, the whole car will instantly generate a strong yaw moment. The driver It is impossible to control the direction of the car, and it is very likely that there will be an accident of car crash. Therefore, the quality and selection of the tire must not be underestimated.