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What is the role of the tire?
- Jan 04, 2019 -
8x2.5 Solid Tires For Wheelchair Wheels.jpgTires are one of the most important components of a car. Its main functions are:

1. The tire can support the full weight of the vehicle, withstand the load of the car, and transmit forces and moments in other directions;

2. The tire can transmit the torsion force of traction and braking to ensure good adhesion between the wheel and the road surface to improve the power, braking and passing of the car; together with the car suspension to alleviate the driving time of the car. Shocking and attenuating the resulting vibrations;

3. The tire can prevent the automobile parts from being subjected to severe vibration and early damage, adapt to the high-speed performance of the vehicle and reduce the noise during driving, and ensure the safety, handling stability, comfort and energy saving economy of the driving.

Automobile tires can be classified into pneumatic tires and solid tires according to the structure of the carcass. Most modern cars use pneumatic tires. According to the level of air pressure inside the tire, the pneumatic tire can be divided into three types: high pressure tire, low pressure tire and ultra low pressure tire. Low-pressure tires are commonly used in all types of vehicles. Pneumatic tires are divided into two types: inner tube tires and tubeless tires. Tubeless tires are commonly used in cars. According to the arrangement of the inner ply and the buffer layer of the tire, the tire can be divided into two types: a radial tire and a bias tire. Radial tires are commonly used in automobiles.