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What is the origin of the scooter?
- Sep 29, 2018 -

The origin of the scooter: The origin of the scooter in 1993, a german engineer named sieghartstxaka solved the problem of his own traffic, placed two scooter wheels on an aluminum piece, and then attached a metal armrest with a telescopic performance to the scooter. . After he improved it in a few months, he took him to the train station every day. At the beginning of his work on a scooter, he was scorned by everyone, including passers-by and colleagues. But not long after, an investor came to the door, he believes that this hand-held scooter has a very good market opportunity. He is willing to invest in the production of this "Great invention."


Electric mobility scooter  are a new form of product for skateboarding after traditional skateboarding. The speed of the scooter can reach 20 km/h. This new product comes from the advanced japanese technology, but it was invented by a german worker. It is a simple labor-saving sports machine.


Because the speed of the scooter is moderate, it is easy to learn and operate, there are brake devices, flat time steps, ordinary entertainment, under normal circumstances, it is not easy to fall. It is suitable for use in a variety of ages, especially among adolescents. The scooter has a good exercise effect on the well-developed balance system of the teenagers.

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