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What is the classification of solid tires?
- Oct 11, 2018 -
10 Inch Solid Tires for Sweepers

The solid tire is a kind of tire corresponding to the pneumatic tire, and the carcass is solid, and the cord is not used as a skeleton, and it is not necessary to inflate, so that an inner tube or an inner liner is not required. The earliest tires were solid tires. Solid tires are currently only used in high-load vehicles or machinery running at low speeds, as well as in fixed-position machinery.


Solid wheels are generally classified into two types, a bonded type and a non-bonded type. The former refers to a tire in which the rubber is directly vulcanized on the rim, and the latter refers to a tire which is fixed to the rim after vulcanization.


According to the shape, there are two kinds of cylindrical solid tires and inclined bottom solid tires; according to the application, they are divided into antistatic, conductive, oil resistant, high load solid tires, environmentally friendly solid tires, etc.