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What is rims for mobility scooter tires?
- Sep 13, 2018 -

The mobility scooter tires,part of the rim around the wheel. Rim, commonly known as wheel rim, is the wheel around the installation of tires components. In use, the specification of the car's rims is important. It decides which tires a car can fit on.


Mobility scooter wheels specification: International standard tire code, percentage of profile height and flat ratio in millimeters, followed by tire type code, rim diameter (in inches), load index (allowable load quality code), allowable speed code.for example, in 175/70r 14 77h, 175 represents the tire width of 175mm, 70 represents the flat ratio of the tire section to 70%, that is, the section height is 70% of the width, the rim diameter is 14 inches, the load index is 77, and the allowable speed is h grade.


China rim specification code, basically in line with international standards. Its nominal width and nominal diameter are expressed in inches.the intermediate joint symbol (* or -) indicates whether the rim is integral or not. For example, 4.50e*16 represents a 4.5-inch nominal width and an overall rim codename e.6.5-20 means multiple flat rims with nominal width of 6.5 inches and nominal diameter of 20 inches.

Rims for Mobility Scooter Tires