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What is Non-pneumatic robot tires?
- Oct 16, 2018 -

 Inflatable tires are tires that achieve shock absorbing performance without the aid of air pressure. Pneumatic tires are rubber-sealed and pressurized air. When the air is compressed, the collision of air molecules on the container wall is more intense, resulting in higher air pressure, macroscopic elasticity, superior cushioning performance of the pneumatic tire and low rolling resistance. No other tires can be surpassed.


Non pneumatic tires  are tires that do not need to be inflated. Without the aid of air, only the material and structure of the tires are used to achieve support and cushioning performance. 1 rubber solid tires. This type of tire has been in production for hundreds of years. The main features are that the carcass has a large weight, poor elasticity, large rolling resistance, and large load. Suitable for moving vehicles with slower load requirements. 2 polyurethane tires. The solid tire made of foamed polyurethane material has the advantages of beautiful appearance and light weight, and the disadvantages are easy aging, tire removal, non-wear resistance and large rolling resistance.

Non-pneumatic Robot Tires