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What are the tips for using tires?
- Dec 05, 2018 -
6 Inch PU Solid Tires for Manual Wheelchairs.jpgWhen driving, the car should not be too fast to start. Both empty and heavy vehicles should start at a low speed. Avoid car tires and ground drag to reduce tread wear. When driving on a good road, it should be kept straight ahead. Except for the car and avoiding obstacles, it is forbidden to swing left and right and sharply turn to prevent lateral damage to the tire between the tire and the rim. When the vehicle is under a long slope, the vehicle speed should be properly controlled according to the slope size, length and road conditions. In the case of long slope, steep road and complicated road conditions, it should be stopped and used to control the speed of the downhill slope with a slight brake. This not only avoids emergency braking, reduces tire wear, but also guarantees safe driving.

When the vehicle is going uphill, it should try to use inertial driving, shift gears in time, shift gears in time, keep the vehicle with proper spare capacity when going uphill, don't wait for the car to stop and start again to reduce the tire wear. Driving curve should control the speed according to the curve condition, do not turn at high speed, otherwise the vehicle will generate large centrifugal force, so that the vehicle cargo is tilted, the center of mass is offset, the single-side tire is overloaded and dragged, the wear is accelerated, and the tire is also wheeled copper. Cut horizontally and cause damage. When driving in complex situations, you should master the appropriate driving speed, reduce frequent braking and avoid emergency braking, otherwise it will cause sliding friction between the tire and the ground, resulting in serious wear of the tread.

Parking on the way and on-site parking, to develop a safe taxiing habit. Before parking, choose a ground level, clean and oil-free ground parking. Each tire should be placed smoothly, especially if the vehicle is loaded overnight. It should be noted that the parking place should be selected and the rear tire should be lifted if necessary.