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What are the influencing factors of the tire?
- Jan 29, 2019 -
Polyurethane Tires for Robots.jpgThe main function of the tread pattern is to increase the friction between the tread and the road surface to prevent the wheels from slipping, which is exactly the same as the sole pattern. The tread pattern improves the tread grounding elasticity. Under the action of the tangential force between the tread and the road surface, the block can produce a large tangential elastic deformation. As the tangential force increases, the tangential deformation increases, and the frictional effect of the contact surface increases, thereby suppressing the tendency of the tread and the road surface to slip or slip. This largely eliminates the problem of slippery tires without pattern tires, which makes the performance of the car related to the friction between the tire and the road surface - the dynamic performance of the power, braking, steering and driving safety - reliable Protection. Studies have shown that the factors that produce the friction between the tread and the road surface include the adhesion between the two faces, the molecular gravitational effect and the small-scale micro-protrusion of the pavement on the tread micro-cutting, etc., but the main effect is still Elastic deformation of the block.

The outer surface of the tire has different patterns. The commonly used tire patterns mainly include: ordinary patterns, including horizontal patterns and vertical patterns. The bias tires are horizontal patterns, and the radial tires are vertical patterns. The vertical pattern is suitable for cars and trucks. The horizontal pattern is only suitable for trucks; the mixed pattern is characterized by thicker pattern, longitudinal zigzag or pipe-shaped pattern, and horizontal cross-country pattern on both sides. It is suitable for all kinds of cars; The recess is deep and wide, and has a strong grip. It is suitable for off-road vehicles and mine-specific vehicles.