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Solid tire characteristics
- Aug 09, 2018 -

The solid tire has high elasticity, strong heat dissipation, good wear resistance, better stability, and the (glossy) contact area of the ground is larger, and the grip ability is strong.

Functions and features: Solid tires have long service life, low deformation rate, less impact on forklifts, reduced maintenance costs of forklifts, and increased driver comfort.

First, excellent safety performance, which is conducive to improving work efficiency

Because the solid tire carcass is made of all rubber, the puncture resistance of the tire is ensured to the utmost extent, and the hidden danger of tire piercing of the industrial vehicle during the carrying operation and in the harsh working environment is fundamentally eliminated. The solid tire has small load-shaped variables and good running stability. Because it is resistant to thorns and tears, it does not need to be inflated, avoiding the heavy labor of frequent tire replacement and tire change, and can improve the utilization rate and work efficiency of the vehicle, and operate at low speed and high efficiency. In vehicles, solid tires can completely replace pneumatic tires.

Second, reasonable structural design to ensure that the tire has good performance

Dongyang solid tires are designed with an advanced three-stage structure, and the three rubbers ensure the overall performance of the tires. The high rigidity and high strength base rubber and steel ring support not only ensure the stiffness of the tire, but also ensure the tightness of the tire and the rim, and fundamentally eliminate the slip ring problem of the solid tire; the highly elastic intermediate glue effectively It absorbs the vibration generated when the vehicle is running, has comfortable driving ability, and avoids damage to the vehicle; the thick tread rubber layer ensures the tear resistance of the tire and improves the service life of the solid tire; In addition, the rational drum and CLICK structure of the LINDE forklift tires ensure the tire installation and close cooperation with the rim, widening the tire section and improving the running stability of the vehicle.

Third, advanced technology and formula design

The production of Dongyang solid tires maximizes the performance of the tires in the design of rubber formulations. In particular, the base rubbers are all imported from abroad with high rigidity and low heat generating rubber. The heat and temperature of the tires during operation are minimized. At the same time, the heat resistance of the tire is improved, thereby solving the serious problems of swelling, slipping and bursting of the solid tire due to the temperature rise; the advanced formula design reduces the rolling resistance of the tire. Tested by the National Engineering Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, our company's solid tire rolling resistance coefficient is equivalent to that of pneumatic tires, thus solving the problem of increased fuel consumption caused by switching to solid tires.