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Polyurethane Stroller Tire's Description
- Sep 03, 2018 -

Polyurethane Solid Stroller Tire, simply called PU Tire, has one kind of solid structure. Its main material is microcellular polyurethane elastomer. With the superior performance in the aspects of inflation free ,good cushioning,noise reduction,high security,eco-friendly,maintenance free and durability etc, it is widely used to customize high end baby products especially in the field of pushchairs,toy car etc.


Polyurethane  Stroller  Tire


 Polyurethane high molecular material.

3Model Number:

5X16X17X18X15X1.56X1.57X1.58X1.510X212X212 1/2X2 1/4 etc.


It can be used as the tire for pushchairs,toy cars etc.

5 Features and advantages

5.1  Safety                                                    

Polyurethane  Stroller  Tire, with its solid structure, keeping users away from the worries of flat tire,air leakage,punctured easily and frequent maintenance, provides users a safe and convenient experience.                                                          

5.2 Noise reduction function:

Polyurethane  Stroller  Tire, made of micro cellular elastomer material,has good resilience.Its micro porous  inner wall structure  has the effect of shock absorption, sound-absorbing,making users feel comfortable while in use. Picture 1(below) is the observation effect for the product section under 400 ~ 500 x magnification microscope .With its outstanding performance in noise reduction,the polyurethane foamed tire is used as super silent tires.

the structure of Polyurethane foam.jpg

5.3 Eco-friendly

While applying the craft of entire water foaming without the HFCS foaming agent,the Polyurethane Stroller  Tire does not have bad effect on the ozone layer. Furthermore,the feature of good bio compatibility and mold resistance,makes the polyurethane  stroller  tire one excellent  environmental tire.  

5.4 Durability

 The high performance in the aspects of abrasion resistance, radiation resistance,ozone resistance, oil resistance, weather-resistance and  aging resistance.and acid and alkali  resistance to a certain, decides it can be used at least 5years,making it the best choice for outdoor vehicles.



6Use condition:

6.1 This product can be used under the environment temperature - 40 ℃ to 50 ℃ .

6.2 The maximum load is 10 ~ 35 kg/piece.

6.3 This product belongs to low speed tire. The regular maximum speed can not exceed 10 km/hour for long use,and instant speed can not exceed 20 km/hour(within 5mins).

6.4 This product is suitable for all terrain (It is suggested to use 8 inch above (including 8 inch) tire for all terrain strollers).It will not cause potential risk under normal use.Do not deliberately use sharp knives and other items to damage tires, and damaged tires pose a safety hazard, please change in time.

6.5 This product can not be long in the sun exposure or deposited under the high temperature condition , which will affect the service life of products.