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Polyurethane resin Main use
- Aug 09, 2018 -

Used in aviation, railway, construction, sports, etc.; used for surface covering of wooden furniture and metal; used for thermal insulation and cold preservation of storage tanks, pipelines, cold storage, beer, fermentation tanks, fresh-keeping barrels, insulation and waterproofing of building construction, It can also be used in prefabricated polyurethane sheets; it can be used in the manufacture of plastic products, wear-resistant synthetic rubber products, synthetic fibers, rigid and flexible foam products, adhesives and coatings; for all types of wood, chemical equipment, telecommunications equipment and instruments and Surface finishes for various vehicles.

As a polymer material with high strength, tear resistance and wear resistance, Polyurethane Resin is widely used in daily life, industrial and agricultural production, medicine and other fields.

Polyurethane elastomers are used as drums, conveyor belts, hoses, automotive parts, soles, synthetic leather, wire and cable, and medical artificial organs; flexible foams are used for gaskets in vehicles, homes, and garments, and rigid foams are used. Insulation, sound absorbing, packaging, insulation and low foaming synthetic wood, coatings for advanced vehicles, furniture, wood and metal protection, pool dams and building anti-leakage materials, and fabric coatings. Adhesives have good adhesion to metals, glass, ceramics, leather, fibers, and the like. In addition, polyurethane can also be made into an emulsion, a magnetic material or the like.

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