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Introduction of alloy rims
- Oct 29, 2018 -
Alloy Rims for Wheelchair Wheels

Vehicle rims are mainly divided into steel rims and alloy rims from materials. The most popular rims in the modified market are of course alloy rims. Alloy rims are divided into two types: Casting and forging.


According to different manufacturing methods, the rims are mainly divided into two categories: Casting and forging. Casting is divided into two types: Gravity casting and low pressure casting. Gravity casting is a process in which a liquid alloy is poured into a mold to be cooled and formed. Due to the simple manufacturing process and the durability of the mold, it becomes the lowest cost manufacturing method. Low-pressure manufacturing uses a small pressure to press the liquid alloy into the mold, so that the distribution of the molecules is average, the sand holes are small, and the shape can be more complicated and refined.


The rim can be divided into one piece and multiple pieces from the structural point of view. The multiple rims, the outer frame and the spokes, are manufactured separately and screwed together. They are one of the modified rims currently available in china. The advantage is that it is easy to manufacture on the one hand, because the outer frame can be rolled up with steel sheets; on the other hand, it is convenient for maintenance and multi-model interchangeability, for example, the spokes of the same model can be equipped with different width and different outer frames, which further reduces the production cost. Many pieces of rims are much more expensive than one-piece rims because of the large number of parts, the number of production steps, and the appearance of many, and the appearance of the rim is more expensive, but the rims of multiple pieces are usually heavier. And the rigidity is not comparable to the forged rim.