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How to use lawn mower wheels?
- Aug 22, 2018 -

Before mowing, the mower must clear the debris in the mowing area to avoid damaging the straw head and blade.when starting the engine under the state of cold machine, the damper should be closed first, and then opened after starting.if the turf area is too large.the mower should work continuously for no more than four hours.

After the use of the lawn mower, it shall be thoroughly cleaned, and all screws shall be checked for fastening, blades with defects, high-pressure caps shall be repaired, and vulnerable parts shall be inspected or replaced in time according to the service life of the lawn mower wheels.


Maintenance of lawn mower

Before using the mower, check the oil level to see if it is between the upper and lower scales of the oil gauge.the oil should be replaced 5 hours after the use of the new machine, 10 hours after the use of oil should be replaced again, according to the requirements of the manual regular replacement of oil.the oil change should be carried out when the engine is in the state of heat engine.the filling oil can not be too much, otherwise it will appear: Motor difficulties, heavy black smoke, lack of power (excessive cylinder carbon accumulation, small spark plug gap), overheating of the engine and other phenomena;at the same time, the filling oil should not be too little, otherwise it will appear: The engine gear noise, piston ring acceleration wear and damage.even now the phenomenon such as lavar, cause serious damage to the engine.

Lawn Mower Wheels

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