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How to Measure The Foam Filled Tire's Bead Width
- Sep 04, 2018 -

How to Measure The Foam Filled Tire's Bead Width

If you have an existing foam filled tire, measure the bead from outside edge to outside edge on the other side and note the measurement. This is your proper way to measure the foam filled tire's bead width.

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If you currently use an air filled tire and want to upgrade it to a foam filled tire. Pls kindly measure the bead from the inside edge to the inside edge of the rim, and add approximately a quarter of an inch to this measurment. This is your proper bead width measurement.

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If properly measured, the outside bead width of the tire will be wider than the inside bead width of the rim, once the tire and wheel or caster are assembled, the tire will have compression against the inside bead of the wheel reventing the tire from spinning while the wheel does not