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How to choose the suitable tire?
- Dec 26, 2018 -

22 Inch No Flat Bike Tires.jpgWhy is the performance improved after the commuter car is replaced with a narrower slick? Firstly, the newly-changed optical head tread net is thinner and softer, providing a good road feel and lighter weight. In addition, the tire skin is relatively thin, and after the weight is reduced, the inertia of the wheel is reduced, which makes the acceleration easy. The particle tread is lost, the road feels smoother, and the power transmission is more direct. Acceleration, climbing or weight riding are easier. The narrower width and smoother surface mean that the wind resistance is lower, and the speed is easier to maintain at high speeds.

The effect of the tire on the performance and comfort of the bicycle is really great. The correct choice and the proper adjustment, the difference is almost as obvious as the material of the replacement frame, even if you do not want to change the frame, provide a characteristic adjustment. The vast space. Because there are many reasons for the impact of performance, and tire manufacturers design products are also very rich in ideas, not only provide a variety of specifications, the sale also wants consumers to see it when they see it, so that picking a tire can be like picking a frame The same, fully express your personal taste and appreciation.