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How to choose a tire?
- Jan 08, 2019 -
Front Stroller Tires.jpgThe correctness of the tire installation is directly related to the service life of the tire, especially when replacing new tires. Tires with different types and patterns may not be arbitrarily mixed due to the actual size and load capacity of each tire. In addition, if you do not fully understand the skills to replace the tires, we recommend that you still go to a professional tire shop or vehicle repair shop to replace.

If the tire pressure is too low or too high, it will affect the service life of the tire. If the tire pressure is too low, its radial deformation increases, and the sidewalls are excessively deformed, resulting in wear on the shoulders of the crown, which causes the temperature of the tire to rise, which will seriously reduce the service life of the tire.

If the tire pressure is too high, the rigidity of the tire increases, the deformation and the grounding area decrease, so that the unit pressure in the middle of the tread increases, and the wear and tear increase. Produces central wear of the crown, affecting comfort and reducing tire life. Tests have shown that if the air pressure is increased by 25%, the life of the tire will be shortened by about 30%.

The greater the load on the vehicle, the shorter the life of the tire. This is not to be questioned. Especially in the case of overload, it is more prominent. Tires produced by regular tire manufacturers are marked with a load index. The tyre shall be used within the maximum load corresponding to the specified load index.