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How to choose a bicycle tire?
- Dec 19, 2018 -
24 Inch Foam Bicycle Tires.jpgThe importance of bicycle tires in a bicycle is often easily overlooked. Bicycle tire characteristics are closely related to the performance and efficiency of the vehicle.

Generally speaking, when describing the characteristics of a tire, it is roughly divided into several directions: rolling resistance, grip, road feeling, wear resistance, explosion protection, weight, and price. In addition, there are two other features that are often overlooked but important: power transmission and manufacturing quality. Since bicycle tires are relatively thin and easily puncture or cut, most of them will add an explosion-proof layer between the tire skin and the mesh cover to increase the strength of the tire.

Bicycle tires are generally expensive, and they are calculated with the amount of rubber required, so you will certainly want such expensive things to last longer. This is the responsibility of tire wear resistance. The better the wear resistance, the longer the mileage that can be used. How to choose a bicycle tire.