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How to care for the wheels?
- Nov 27, 2018 -

Poly Foam Filled Wheels 3.00-8.jpgAfter purchasing the wheels of your car, the most important thing is to maintain the tires of your car during use. In the various parts of the car, the price of the tire is relatively expensive, so pay special attention to the maintenance of the car wheel. Keep the distance between the high-speed driving, avoid unnecessary or frequent braking, reduce the damage to the wheel, and pay attention to the pattern depth of the tire for your own safety. The friction of the tire is reduced due to the friction with the road surface. Long, don't drive at high speed.

Air pressure is the life of the wheel. The inflation pressure of the tire must meet the air pressure specified by the national standard for different types and specifications of tires. Always check the air pressure of the tire. If the air pressure is too high or too low, it will cause abnormal wear, crack at the bottom of the groove, breakage of the cord, delamination of the ply, tire blasting, etc. If it is to continue at high speed, the air pressure should be increased at the standard pressure. 5%-10%; at the same time, the wheel will rise due to the temperature rise after the tire is running, and the air cannot be deflated at this time.

It is necessary to properly position the tires on the vehicle in a timely manner to maintain uniform wear and prolong the service life of the tires; tires with a slightly larger outer diameter should be installed on the outer wheels. Do not use the refurbished tires on the front wheels; use the vertical lines of the tires on the front wheels and the horizontal lines on the rear wheels.