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How to buy tires?
- Feb 12, 2019 -
Flat Free Lawn Mower Wheels 178x60.jpgWhen choosing a tire, be careful not to mix different types of tires, such as tires that are more suitable for off-road vehicles, tires with general cars, or directional sports tires and general The tire wheel is mixed. Of course, in the purchase, we must try to avoid retreading tires. Some street shops often sell some refurbished tires to the market. Consumers must pay attention to the purchase. The method of identifying retreaded tires is simple: the most common is to observe the color and luster of the tires. The color and luster of the retreaded tires are relatively bleak, so don't blindly buy such tires.

The professional masters identify the tires by the signs on the tires. The tires have some protruding signs on the tires, indicating the type and performance of the tires. These are the breakthrough points for identifying retreaded tires. The signs of the refurbished tires are re-posted after renovation, and the signs of the new tires are integrated with the tires. The identification method is to scratch the signs with the fingernails. Generally, these signs of the refurbished tires are not very tight. It is undoubted that the tires that can be caught are retreaded.

In recent years, the development trend of foreign car tires has been the increasing use of tires with large width, large inner diameter and low flat ratio. The tire with high flat ratio has a long sidewall, a strong cushioning capacity, and relatively high comfort, but has a poor feeling on the road surface and a weak lateral resistance during cornering. Conversely, tires with a low flat ratio and a large inner diameter have a wide tread and a wide tread. Therefore, the grounding area is large, the tire can withstand a large pressure, the response to the road surface is very sensitive, and the lateral resistance during cornering is strong, so that the handling of the vehicle is greatly enhanced. The largest flat tires used in domestic mass-produced cars are 225/55R16, while many imported luxury sedan or sports coupé tires have reached 225/45R17, and some even reach 245/40R18. After the vehicle is equipped with a tire with a large width, a large inner diameter and a low flat ratio, in addition to the strong maneuverability, the visual effect of the appearance is also very powerful. In general, the tires that are shipped from the factory are the best specifications that the manufacturer has chosen after repeated testing. If a car owner wants to change the size of the tire, it must be carried out under the guidance of a professional. It cannot be done at will, because it involves many problems, and a slight negligence may cause harm to the driving safety. In addition, low flatness tires will appear more delicate, and should be more careful and cared for during use.

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