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Feature Of Dual Density PU Foam Filled Rubber Tires
- Sep 05, 2018 -

Dual Density Foam Filled Tires

The Dual Density Foam Filled Rubber Tires, with the rubber tire outside, consist of the right proportions of two compounds with different density inside. With the superior performance in the aspects of inflation free, anti- puncture, flat free, good cushioning and high security etc., it is widely used in the field of medical devices such as the power wheelchairs and mobility scooters. It also has outstanding performance in resistance to low temperature:

maintaining good physical performance even under the temperature of -40.

1. Item

The Dual Density PU Foam Filled Rubber Tires

2. Material

Rubber, Polyurethane high molecular material.

3. Model Number:

3.00-42.80/2.50-43.00-84.10/3.50-44.10/3.50-6 etc.

4. Usage

It is usually used as the driving wheels of mobility scooters and power wheelchairs.

5. Features and Advantages

5.1 Structure

The Dual Density Foam Fills differ from the regular PU foam filled tires in its more superior performances. The regular PU foam filled tires with only one density compound inside the rubber tire. The Dual Density Foam Fills, with improvements on the basis of the regular,combine two different density materials into one single product: the harder, is placed on the inside of the circumference, near the rim. The softer material is placed on the outside right under the tire tread. The tougher material does not budge and provides a safe ride, while the softer material, provides a softer smoother ride.

The tougher material disperses the vibrations experienced on impact while the softer material absorbs it. By using a combination of both the materials, the tire exhibits positive properties of both materials. Hence, it is more effective as compared to either of the materials being used on their own.(picture 1).

PU wheelchair tires two  tone.jpg

5.2 Inflation free, anti- puncture, flat free, good cushioning and high security etc.

5.3 The hightlight of this product: it has better damping performance than other PU solid tires,providing better riding comfort performance and reducing turbulence in the process of driving greatly.

PU Dual Density Tires solid tires.JPG