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24 Inch Foam Bicycle Tires

24 Inch Foam Bicycle Tires

1. Product Introduction of 24 Inch Solid Bicycle Tires Solid bicycle tires are made from a combination of polymers. The solid bicycle tire has a foamed-solid structure and never go flat. Its micro porous inner wall structure has the effect of shock absorption, sound-absorbing,making users feel...

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1. Product Introduction of 24 Inch Solid Bicycle Tires

Solid bicycle tires are made from a combination of polymers. The solid bicycle tire has a foamed-solid structure and never go flat. Its micro porous  inner wall structure  has the effect of shock absorption, sound-absorbing,making users feel comfortable while in use. Picture 1(left) is the observation effect for the product section under 400 ~ 500 x magnification microscope .With its outstanding performance in noise reduction,the polyurethane tire is used as super silent tires.


1 Solid Bicycle Tires' Solid Structure.jpg


2. Product Parameter(Specification)of 24x1.5 Foam Bicycle Tires

2  Foam bycicle tires's construction.jpg

Product Name

24 Inch Foam   Bicycle Tires




Bicycle Tire

Tire Material


Tire Bead Width(mm)



Suggested Rim Width(mm)


Tire OD(mm)


PU Tire Weight(g)


Rim OD(mm)(G)


Tire hardness(HA)


Tire Width(mm)(A)


Tread Height(mm)


3. Airless Bicycle Tire’s Features and Advantages

3 Solid Bike Tires.jpg


A. Inflation-free: The PU Tires are non-pneumatic tires keeping users away from the worries of flat tire,air leakage.

B. UV and ozone resistant materials of construction means no premature break down of the PU solid tires. 

C. Better elastic properties of the polyurethane formulation leads to reduced tire operating temperatures

D. Wear and Abrasion Resistance: High abrasion resistance leading to longer bicycle tire life.

E. No oils or plasticizers in our formulations make PU solid tires environmentally friendly.

F. Balance: The tires are perfectly round and uniform when manufactured.

4. Solid Bike Tire’s Production Process And Size Range

4  Polyurethane Tires Production Process(001).jpg



Our PU solid tires sizes are as followes:

5X1, 6X1, 6x1.5, 6x2, 7X1.5, 7X2, 7X1.5, 8X2,8x2.5, 9x3,10X3, 12 1/2X2 1/4, 14x2.125, 20x1.5, 24x1.25, 24x1.5, 24 1 3/8 etc.


5. Bicycle Tires’ Packaging and Delivery

Packaging: Generally we use the 5 Layer packing carton packaging. We can also pack as per ur requirement.

Shipping: by sea, by air, or international express.


6. Certificates

All of the products can meet the requirements of ISO7176 standard and have passed the testing requirements of ROHS and REACH. Some of them can even meet the German GS standards for children's products.

5 Airless Bike Tires' certificates.jpg 

7. Our service:

1. Pre-sale services Act as a good adviser and assistant of client enable them to get fast and generous returns enquiry

1) Select sample model

2) Design and manufacture products according to clients' special requirements

3) Train technical personnel for clents

2. Services during the sale

1) Recheck and accept products ahead of delivery

3. After-sale services

1) Provide considerate services to minimize client's worries

2) Help client to solve the install question

3) Take responsibility if any technical problem


8. FAQ 

Q1.Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?

A:Our factory is located in Longyan City, Fujian Province, China. And Our Office is in Xiamen City, Fujian Province. All our clients are warmly welcome to visit us!

Q2. How can I get some samples?

A:We charge sample fees and deliver by express via UPS, FEDEX, DHL etc., freight charges are paid by customers.

Q3: What Is Terms Of Your Payment?
A:Usually,We Accept T/T,For Regular Orders,We Prefer 30% Of Total Amount As Down Payment And the Balance Paid Before Delivery.

Q4:How does our factory carry out quality control?

A: Our QC always attach great importance to quality control from the very beginning to the end of the production. Each product will be carefully inspected before packed.

Q5.How is the warranty period for your products?

The usual warranty period for our items is 1 year.

Q6. How long is the sample lead time?

Usually samples are ready to ship within Five to Seven working days.

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